Sanctions Postponed. Hawks Disappointed.

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has decided not to impose new sanctions against Russia.

Committee Chairman Bob Corker and ranking Democrat Ben Cardin have agreed to move forward on a measure to counter Russian influence in Eastern Europe without imposing new sanctions against Moscow, reports Politico.

The initiative to set new restrictions on Russia came from Cardin. He relied on the support of Republicans, including John McCain, Marco Rubio and Lindsay Graham.

The idea was to punish Russia for alleged meddling in the US presidential elections. The sanctions were to target Russian energy sector and privatization of assets in Russia.

Corker wanted to wait until the Senate Intelligence Committee completes its investigation.

Now Cardin agreed to strip Russia sanctions from the bill. At the same time, Corker and Cardin decided to discuss Iran sanctions bill which they intend to submit to the Senate by the end of the work period.

The former US presidential candidate Marco Rubio has expressed disappointment with the decision. “I think anytime is a good time for Russia sanctions given everything they’ve done,” he said.