Sergey Мatyunin
Editor's Note

In BPL Group we believe in the good old saying that knowledge is power.

And that with time our knowledge grows, as does our experience. We also believe that experience becomes knowledge when we rationalize it and put it into words.

That is why we like sharing our views: it is for our benefit as much as for the readers'. And that is why we set up BPL Journal, the place where we can share facts about business and legal developments and our opinions about them too.

Our aim is to publish original articles of our staff writers and of our contributors as well as reviews of the works published elsewhere. We welcome constructive criticism and believe that a debate is the way to get closer to the truth. So, if you have something to say, please get in touch.

Finally, a word of warning: we believe in the sacrosanctity of facts. You can’t build a meaningful analysis on an unreliable factual basis. Yet, there is something we value even more, the wisdom of those who can link facts into an insightful and consequential interpretation of events.

We are not afraid of, and even encourage, pieces where the voice of the author can be clearly heard. We like opinions, not just dry facts.